Free State Project's Liberty Forum
to Host "Atlas Snubbed" Author

January 15, 2012
For more information, contact Ken Krawchuk at (224)-Krawchuk, or Ken (at) AtlasSnubbed.com

ABINGTON, PA -- Ken Krawchuk, author of the new parody, Atlas Snubbed, will be a featured speaker at the Liberty Forum being sponsored by the Free State Project in Nashua, New Hampshire on the weekend of February 24-25-26, 2012. The title of Krawchuk's talk is Transcending Ayn Rand's Heartlessness via the Separation of Society and State. That topic is also the theme of his novel, Atlas Snubbed, released in November.

"The Libertarian Party is firmly rooted in Ayn Rand's Objectivist philosophy," explained Krawchuk, "and therefore shares many of its flaws, especially when it comes to charity. But by tempering Rand's tenets with an agoran approach, a workable political alternative to America's burgeoning welfare state can be established, namely, the Separation of Society and State. My novel presents as fiction the stark contrast between the cold justice of Galt's Gulch and the warm charity possible when Society and State are separated."

Krawchuk is scheduled to speak on Saturday afternoon at 2:30. More information about the Liberty Forum can be found on their website.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Atlas Snubbed is a pastiche parody sequel to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Weighing in at approximately one third the size of Rand's novel, Atlas Snubbed focuses alternately on the world inside Rand's philosophical enclave of Galt's Gulch and the outside world, and what happens when worlds collide. Its genre spans commercial fiction, literary fiction and science fiction. The parody commences with the precise state of affairs that existed at the conclusion of Atlas Shrugged. The story is a fast-paced, apocalyptic tale of the bloody collapse of Rand's United States, the handful of American cities which survive, and the subsequent altercations between them. Each city embodies a different philosophical archetype, one of which develops a brand new political concept--the separation of Society and State--an approach which overcomes the shortcomings of all the other archetypes, including many of those of modern day America.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ken Krawchuk is a Philadelphia native and long-time political activist who has run for political office eight times, including two record-breaking campaigns for Governor of Pennsylvania. He is an entrepreneur, an Information Technology professional, and holds three US patents related to computer database theory. He is also a professional public speaker, author, and an award-winning Distinguished Toastmaster. He and his wife Roberta have three grown daughters and two grandchildren (so far), and live in Abington Township, a Philadelphia suburb.

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